Mother Wound Healing

What if you could be TOTALLY SET FREE from all your old wounds and patterns - even those from childhood, your ancestors and your past lives?

What would change for you if you could . . . 


  • FEEL MORE PEACEFUL AND GRATEFUL – even with family members who used to trigger you







If you're like me and most spiritual women today, you have already tried MANY techniques including therapy, workshops, holistic healing and more… Even for years or decades…


Yet deep down, you still feel weighed down by sadness, resentment, fears, and you find yourself emotionally reactive and frustrated by family patterns (no matter how clearly YOU try to communicate).


You know that you would be much farther ahead with your own dreams and goals if only you could finally be free from all the resentment, guilt, shame, judgment…


If only you didn’t have to work so hard to protect your energy from toxic people!  Because it’s exhausting and stressful.


The problem with all those things you’ve already tried that either haven’t worked, or only for a short while, is that they didn’t get to the ORIGINAL CAUSES of these patterns.

  • In your childhood
  • In utero
  • From your mother’s or father’s ancestral lineage – or both
  • Or from a past incarnation (unresolved karmic patterns).
Heal mother wound, inner child & generational lineage with Motherwound Healing. Heal ancestral trauma at the root

How many of these describe you and your life today?

  • I am an overgiver and am often exhausted and stressed because it feels like MY needs and desires are often on the back burner.
  • I have a hard time setting boundaries and there are people in my life who “push my buttons.”
  • My income and financial nest egg are not what I’d like them to be. Even when I manifest “extra money,” it seems to go right back out again.
  • I feel like the black sheep of my family, or in many social situations.
  • My mother was emotionally / physically unavailable.
  • My mother was (or still is) judgmental, controlling, narcissistic.
  • (If I am a mother) I feel I didn’t fully bond with my child, or I am estranged from, or lost, 1 or more children.
  • (If I am not a mother) I wanted to become a mother but never had the opportunity and now it’s too late.
  • I have a hard time relaxing and receiving. I feel like I constantly have to be producing, whether that’s cleaning, helping others, earning money. I feel guilty if I try to just “do nothing.”
  • I feel disconnected from my body, from pleasure, from joy.
  • My spirituality and intuition are inconsistent. Some days I feel blessed and tuned in, others I feel like “Is anybody listening?”

These are all symptoms of one of the most pervasive and primal wounds: THE MOTHER WOUND.



“The Mother Wound consists of all emotional, mental and spiritual pain caused by unresolved issues with your mother or mother figure, and/or by your own losses regarding you as a mother and your disconnection from The Divine Mother.” – Sage Taylor Kingsley



What are some common factors & causes of the Mother Wound?

  • Not fully wanted, or you were born as the less desired gender
  • Negative experiences, thoughts and emotions your mother had while you were in utero
  • Birth trauma
  • Mother was narcissistic, emotionally unavailable, abusive, workaholic, overly controlling, overly permissive, shaming, judgmental
  • Mother favored your sibling(s)
  • You were adopted, fostered or orphaned and didn’t know your mother in childhood at all, or very little.
  • You wish you could have become a mother but never did.
  • You had miscarriage, abortion or difficulty conceiving.
  • You lost one or more children to estrangement, drugs, mental illness or death.
  • You always felt (and may still feel) like your mother & family don’t get you. Like you don’t belong. You feel unloved, not seen or heard and certainly not treasured or celebrated for being yourself.


Here’s what you need to know and why you were guided to this at this point in your life:


"Your Mother Wounds were the result of a LINEAGE of ancestral and karmic patterns unconsciously passed on to you."

Mother Wound, Inner Child & Ancestral Healing

"Your Mother Wounds were the result of a LINEAGE of ancestral and karmic patterns unconsciously passed on to you."


The root cause isn’t even in this lifetime, and when you REALLY heal it at the original cause, you and your children are set free from those chains of pain and years of fears – forever. 


This is why traditional talk therapy isn’t enough.

Reading books, journaling, talking about ALL of this is also not enough.

You have to heal your Mother Wounds at the ORIGINAL ROOT CAUSE to achieve emotional and soul freedom.



How is your Mother Wound(s) still negatively affecting your life today? 

  • HEALTH: Poor health or chronic health challenges – even though you take good care of yourself and want to feel better. You feel disconnected from your own body or frustrated by limitations.
  • FINANCES: Financial ups and downs. Difficulty saving money or paying down debts, no matter what you do or how hard you work. Income ceilings. Money leaks: it comes in then goes right back out, no matter what your income is. You feel uncomfortable with all the work of managing your money.
  • LOVE & MARRIAGE: Alone/lonely. You’ve been settling for relationships that are less than what you really desire and deserve. You are wondering if you will ever find lasting soulmate love or is this all you’ll ever have? Or you are in a good relationship but there is little sex and actual passion lately.
  • FRIENDS / FAMILY: Imbalanced. You may feel like a loner. You have a pattern of betrayals & disappointments from other women (symptomatic of the Sister Wound, which is related to Mother Wound). You have acquaintances but few CLOSE friends. You have a pattern of overgiving. You feel like you maintain 90% of the relationship and like others are the “limit setters.”
  • LIFE BALANCE/BOUNDARIES: Difficulty saying no. You are a people pleaser, or an empath, energetically drained by the “energy vampires” in your life. Always going and doing, not playing or relaxing enough. Always putting others first.
  • ENERGY & SPIRITUALITY: Inconsistent intuition. You pray and meditate but don’t get clear answers. You feel disconnected from the Divine Feminine and your ability to RECEIVE, be and flow. Overly yang (masculine) in your energy. A sense you are not from this planet. You long to connect more with Mother Earth and may often feel ungrounded.



You are already aware that your mother’s issues were the result of how SHE was mothered. 


So much of this happened long ago. And maybe you are very psychologically aware and you’ve been “working on” your Mother Wound and healing your relationship with your mother for decades. 


So why isn’t this healed already?


What you have done so far has gotten you to this point, but if you are still suffering from any (or many) of the symptoms of Mother Wound, you understand by now that you need to access much deeper healing. 


I have had the honor to facilitate Mother Wound Healing for both women and men, with a 100% success rate thus far.


The approach I take is quite different because unlike everyone else who does Mother Wound Healing, I am not just supporting you at the psychological level but also at the levels of SOUL, ROOT CAUSE (karmic/past life and ancestral lineage), BELIEFS and YOUR ENERGY.

The Mother Wound is also about your disconnection from The Divine Mother, from the sacred feminine, from your own body, and from the Earth. 

The great news is that WHEN your Mother Wounds are healed, this will help you give and receive love, manifest abundance, and experience so much more harmony in all your relationships. 


You’ll feel an incredible freedom and aliveness that enhances your health, your wealth, your life balance and your happiness. 

Heal mother wound, inner child & generational lineage with Motherwound Healing.

 You will feel more connected to the Earth. 


To your own body. 


To the important people in your life.


And your ability to joyfully RECEIVE from the Universe is enhanced and expanded beyond what you can even imagine now. 

I’m Sage Taylor Kingsley, and I’ve had the challenge, and now the joy, of healing not just one but TWO Mother Wounds.


I was adopted just days after my birth, and my birthmother found me and re-entered my life when I was 21. 


“Beautiful!” you may think. 


But not every reunion story is hearts and roses. 


My birthmother being in my life resulted in my adoptive mother DISOWNING ME for many months.


And my adoptive mother has narcisstic tendencies. When I grew up, I often felt like I was the parent, and I seldom had my emotional needs met. I had to illegally get a job at age 13 to help pay the rent. 


Being an adoptee made me feel like I had no real family, no one place where I really belonged. 


And this sense of always being an outsider, and the deep-seated underlying lack of deservingness affected my friendships, my love relationships, even my health.  


On my 50th birthday, my birthmother was supposed to meet me in a restaurant for an intimate special lunch. She did not show up. 


I spent years in grief, often dreaming about this unbelievably painful rejection, “proof” that I was not lovable, that she would never love me enough. 


The devastation from being stood up – on my birthday! – crushed my spirit for years, and I had to heal that wound, along with the original abandonment wound, and the many wounds from my childhood and relationship problems with my adoptive mother and family. 


Today, the word that best describes how I feel about all of this is:




After my Mother Wounds were healed deeply enough, completely enough, at the original cause root level, I found that my health vastly improved. 


I am now able to have harmonious very loving relationships with both of my mothers, and I have exponentially more ENERGY which I can focus on moving forward with my PURPOSE and my PROSPERITY. 


I’ve had the honor of helping private clients heal their Mother Wounds, and also all their ancestral and karmic patterns (this may include Father Wound, Sister Wound, past-life traumas).


And in EVERY CASE, they felt that this healing was one of the most important decisions they ever made, one of the best gifts and investments they could ever give to themselves – and to their children.

Here’s what it was like for Shira in Israel:


Shira Saar testimonial

... and for Mayra in California:

Mayra Andrade Testimonial


"Sage, ever since the Mother Wound Healing, I feel so good! I am vibing so high, even my partner feels it and is much more affectionate! I love these TREMENDOUS leaps into feeling more creative and more spiritually connected.

So much more ENERGY is moving in my body now! It's like a cloud has lifted that I couldn't shake. And now, I can do anything! It's opened me up, from the inside out, and I feel ELATED!

"I feel more self-love and inner joy, and all my relationships - especially with my family - have shifted into so much more harmony, it's just amazing!

“For so many years, I'd been overgiving and putting myself last. Finally I get to 'do me' first and what a difference!

"I can express myself from my heart. I truly feel that all my inner wounds and traumas are gone, and I'm allowing more happiness in every way.

"It's been over half a year since the Mother Wound healings and I STILL feel uplifted, more receptive, abundant and free! Thank you so much, Sage, for helping me on my journey!" - Mayra Andrade, California

9 Healing Gates Mother Wound Healing

This is why I created the Mother Wound Healing Intensive:

A 6-month deep journey to heal your past, reclaim your power and step into your best future!

During this sacred, intimate immersion with a small number of soul sisters, you will get to
go through The 9 Sacred Gates of Healing:


Gate 1:

Gate 2:

Gate 3:

Gate 4:

Gate 5:

Gate 6:

Gate 7:

Gate 8:

Gate 9:



Through 9 IN-DEPTH SACRED RETREATS as immersive online Zoom sessions of 2 to 3 hours each, you will be lovingly guided, supported and empowered to go on your own VERY MAGICAL PERSONAL JOURNEY through each of these divine gateways of Body, Mind, Heart and Soul.


You will have “Homelove” assignments~alignments~refinements to help you stay energized, integrate and reflect in between our live sessions.


If you cannot attend any sessions, they will be recorded so you can watch the replay at your convenience.


When you do attend our retreats live, you will many opportunities for DIRECT PERSONAL ATTENTION to help you fully heal all of these issues, even more than you can imagine right now, through HeartSeat personalized sessions within the retreats. 


You will also have ongoing support in a Divine Feminine Mother Wound Healing private Facebook come-Unity with your journey sisters, so you can benefit from the power of collective intention and the synergy of sisterhood.


Why this is important & what makes this program so powerful:


Nearly every woman who has a Mother Wound, also has a Sister Wound to heal too.

Healing your sister wound

Have you ever felt betrayed or let down by a female friend or family member of your own generation? 


Do you feel like it’s always you making the effort to keep the connection going? 


You’re the one making the calls, sending the cards and emails, and it’s always the other woman being the “limit setter” holding you at arm’s length. 


They’re too busy and never seem to nurture the relationship. You’re tired of always longing and yearning and chasing people.


Or you feel you get short shrift because the women in your life have so many dramas that they end up dominating the conversation and it’s always about them them them. 


Here’s how you say NO to the energy vampires and drama queens!


It’s not enough to stand up for what you need, or even to get one of the energy drainers out of your life. 

You have to heal the ENERGETIC PATTERN that caused you to attract those dynamics, over and over again. 

One of the tremendous benefits of getting this Mother Wound Healing in the sacred space of a very small, committed spiritual circle of women is that you will heal your Sister Wounds


You’ll finally, easily and permanently shift your energy and beliefs so you can attract and cocreate amazing friendships with wonderful women, in our group and throughout your life. 


You deserve to have meaningful mutually blessed friendships with women who see you, hear you, cherish you and celebrate you for being YOU. 


Doesn’t that sound amazing? 


You were guided here to this right now for a reason! 

Awaken Your Divine Feminine Power

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are a few answers to our most common questions

Q: What results can I expect if I receive Mother Wound Healing in this program?
A: While the form the healing will take is unique for each person, these are actual – and typical – results. Of course, results will be proportionate to your own participation. Thus far Sage has a 100% success rate with every client receiving Mother Wound & Ancestral Healing, with a wide variety of situations and women (and men too in the private sessions) all over the world.

  • Breakthroughs & insights about life purpose
  • Improved health, exercise and overall energy
  • Love relationships are closer, with better communication
  • Family relationships with mother, children and others are improved, with more peace, mutual respect and love, and far less conflict and drama
  • Creativity is enhanced
  • Abundance and prosperity expanded
  • Feeling more intuitive, having amazing spiritual experiences, more often
  • More self-love, inner peace and joy, feelings of elation
  • Greater self-expression and self-empowerment


Q: I work during the week. Would I be able to attend the live online retreats?
A: The Mother Wound Healing Retreats are offered at a variety of days of the week and times of day so as to give you a good chance of attending at least some of them live. The schedule is made available to you immediately upon registration so you can mark your calendar in advance. Also, all sessions are recorded and you can get really phenomenal healings even from the replays.


Q: Does it matter what religious faith I practice (or don’t practice)?
A: This program is for anyone of any faith, as long as they have an open mind and can respect other paths. Sage has students who are Christian, Jewish, Hindu, Muslim, Shamanic, Wiccan, Interfaith and Spiritual but Not Religious. If you are not comfortable with the concepts of Angels, Chakras, Goddess or Divine Mother, either this is not the program for you, or this program will blow your mind and expand your spiritual horizons miraculously!


Q: I am a private person. How much sharing with the group would I be expected to do?
A: This is a great question. What we can tell you is this: 
1) Sage is a very experienced group facilitator. She is known for having a special ability to help people feel safe, loved and comfortable, even if they are not usually “group people” or even “people people”! 
2) Quite a lot of the healing you will be blessed with actually takes place in a private internal way, i.e. in your own mind and heart, and via the replays, meditation audios, ceremonies and journaling which you do privately. 
3) We recommend that you get HeartSeat personalized healing experience during the group retreats. Based on how many of our Zoom retreat sessions you attend live and how much support you ask for, you will find that you receive a great deal of support. 
4) The only people who will see or hear your experience are those enrolled in the program. The replays and retreats and anything you share are all held in confidentiality and are not searchable on the Internet. You can rest assured that our sessions are truly a sacred and safe heartspace. 
5) Depending on the severity and number of your wounds and patterns to heal, you may also want to get the Gold VIP sessions to allow for the greatest level of personalized support, or you can do 1:1 VIP sessions only and just hear the replays and get the resources without attending the group sessions at all. Keep in mind though that there is a great benefit from the sisterhood with the group!


Q: I love the idea of the sisterhood in the group, to support one another and benefit from the synergy of collective intention. But I feel like some of my Mother Wound issues may need private sessions too. Is there a way to have the best of both worlds: the group and the 1:1?
A: Absolutely! After you register, you will have the option to add some VIP private sessions at a reduced investment compared to Sage's regular 1:1 rates. There are a limited number of spaces for the optional VIP upgrade.


Q: Why can’t I just do this on my own without help? I’m smart, I have lots of tools. I’m not broken and I don’t want to be dependent on anyone else to heal me.
A: (Sage replies) I understand this belief system and I felt the same way for a long time. The ego will tell us that we are rugged individualists and don’t need help, ever. But the problem is, we don’t know what it is that we don’t know. 


And the real truth is: Even healers need healing. Even teachers need teaching. 

We ALL have blind spots. We ALL have aspects of ourselves – of which Mother Wound is a perfect, prime and primal example – that are so deep, so old, so pervasive, that we do need help. 

It’s not an act of disempowerment to acknowledge that you need support; it’s an act of self-love and is a form of allowing yourself to RECEIVE. 


So if you’re honest with yourself, you understand by now that if you want to get different results and get unstuck, you need to do something radically different. 


You’ve already had plenty of time to use the tools you have. Those got you to where you are today. Are you happy with where you’re at, or do you feel you deserve and desire more – more happiness, more flow, more abundance, more love? 


If you want to get to the NEXT LEVEL in your soul’s evolution, trust your intuition, and if you get a yes on this, then jump in!


Q: I’m busy. How much time does it take each week?
A: Our retreat sessions are about 4 hours per month. Your homelove self-empowerment energy boosters for self-healing, which we will teach you in the program, to help you love yourself and your life even more – can be done in about 1 to 2 hours a week. 


Everything can be done in the comfort of your own home.

We understand that everyone is busy with work, family, home, etc., so this is why we offer the sessions at a wide variety of times, and replays and the sisterhood community can be accessed 24 / 7 whenever it works best for you.


Q: I have already done so many other programs, read books, gotten healings, been to retreats, etc. What makes this different?
A: This is really the most important question of all, and we’re so glad you asked this!

There is NO other program, NO therapist, NO coach, NO teacher offering healing at the ancestral level, the soul level, the energy level, the emotional level, the subconscious level, the karmic level, the Inner Child level, the Sexual Self level, the In-Utero level, the Highest Self level. Period. 


This Mother Wound Healing Intensive will help you break free from your blocks, even if you’ve been suffering from those patterns for your entire life until now, at the ROOT CAUSE.


Omnidimensionally – in all dimensions. 
Omnitemporally – in all times, past, present and future. 
Omnigenerationally – healing not only you, now, but your ancestors and your children and all generations to come, the entire lineage is healed through you through this gateway of healing power. 
And Omniuniversally – in all realms, dimensions, worlds and realities. 


Reserve your spot in the 2021 Mother Wound Healing Intensive today! 

Mother Wound Healing


Here's What's Inside:


















(Total Value $2700)


Includes Sisterhood Private Facebook Come-Unity 
(Value $1000)


Includes All Replays of Our Sacred Retreats 
(Value $900)


Bonus #1! LIFETIME ACCESS to Healing Resource Portal
(Value $1500)


Bonus #2: LIFETIME ACCESS to The Radiant Radical Self-Love Bonus Course!
(Value of $497) You get to begin this bonus course immediately upon your registration. :) 

Bonus #3: Healing Meditations, Divine Mother and Angel Channelings
(Value $1800)

Bonus #4: Special "ALIGN WITH HIGHER LOVE" Meditation and Activation to 
vibrationally attune with, visualize and attract more harmony and bliss in LOVE!

(Value $500)





Your Best Price One-Pay Today

Or Choose the Easy Payment Plan
Just $397 to get started on your healing today

Best Price One-Pay
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Only $1999

Easy Pay
$444 deposit today
+ 5 payments of $444 monthly


1. There are only 20 spaces in this program because it’s not just a course, it's not just a workshop. It’s a very nurturing, immersion-style INTIMATE HEALING INTENSIVE. You will benefit from a lot of personal attention, in a small sacred sisterhood group in order to fully support you for the deepest healing on all levels.

2. This is the ONLY time that Sage will be leading women LIVE through this program this year. So if you miss this opportunity now, you may miss out on it entirely and need to wait until next year, or get private sessions only (higher investment and you'd miss out on the benefits of the sisterhood). How much longer do you want to keep carrying these family burdens and suffering from the emotional and spiritual trauma? 

3. The program is called Mother Wound Healing -- yet it’s about so much more! Your immersion will include Father Wound and Sister Wound Healing, Past-Life Karmic Freedom, Chakra Healing, Divine Feminine Empowerment, and many healings that will be customized as Divinely Guided according to what YOU need.

There is no other program for healing the mother wound that takes this spiritual and comprehensive of an approach so if you're ready to heal this at the original cause roots, and set yourself and all generations free, this is for you.


BONUS! The Radiant Radical Self-Love Course

(Value of $497)

Radiant, Radical Self-Love

BONUS! Lifetime Access to Resource Portal

(Value of $1500)

Sign up today and your total bonuses will be $4,297!

Sage, the Prosperous Goddess

SAGE, The Prosperous Goddess®, is a Divine Alignment Catalyst and Mother Wound Healer who has personally healed not one but TWO intense Mother Wounds, as an adoptee. 


As a Divine Mother Channel, highly clairvoyant aura reader, intuitive life coach and spiritual mentor, Sage is here to serve as your Sacred Midwife to Your Soul’s Rebirth, supporting you with Divine Feminine empowerment, ancestral and karmic healing, conscious living and loving, spiritual awakening, and deep self-love. 

Sage is an international best-selling author and a dynamic speaker, passionate about personal and planetary transformation. She is a shamanic hypnotherapist, Archangel Michael Channel, Reiki and Money Reiki Master Teacher, and Soul Healer specializing in the Mother Wound. 


Voted the world's #1 Law of Attraction teacher, SAGE passionately empowers women, Lightworkers and awakening souls worldwide to experience total soul liberation and joy, connect with the Divine, Prosper, Thrive & SHINE!

Janet Staackmann testimonial

I Feel Lighter, More Spiritually Connected and My Heart Is Open! ​

Sage, that Mother Wound HeartSeat in Wisdom School was so very amazing! I am deeply grateful to you, Archangel Michael and Yeshua/Jesus!
I was so nervous that I was spending so much time... time from others.... and that I don't easily 'travel' (visualize). I was in the HOTSEAT too! Lol. I was hoping you would just tell me about the lifetime and look for me, but I am so grateful that you encouraged me to intuitively see it for myself!


That's one of the things I love most about learning from you - how much you empower us, your students, to empower ourselves. 


And my Sweet Mom.... I am so happy that she was gifted in this healing, too! I never knew she longed for love. Her parents loved her, she was the baby and my Dad adored her. They had a Romeo and Juliet marriage. But we never know what lurks inside. Her woundedness was obviously something from one of her past lives... and maybe missing her dad's love because he died when she was only 18 and she adored him. 


The healing was so VERY POWERFUL! And I love that we can even help those who passed over on their journeys. So cool! I am in awe of that.


I just had to thank you. You are SUPER Amazing....the Angels are SUPER Amazing....Yeshua is SUPER Amazing and so much a part of my life these days. It was funny... You told me my Guide was with me and taking my hand and who is it? I searched my mind to see or sense who it was...Michael? Metatron? Then Jesus came to me, altho I wasn't QUITE sure .... I 'guessed' right as you confirmed! I have been learning throughout my time in Wisdom School to really trust my intuition more, and I feel so much more connected spiritually, and that makes me very happy.  
Words fall short in even trying to describe my experience in this Mother Wound Healing with you today. Thank you, thank you, thank you for making me dig deep to find the crux of the issue. I feel like so much has lifted in me! So much freer and lighter across my chest and inner shoulder area... like I'm sitting wider ... like my shoulders want to naturally go back ... I feel more in my body and stronger. It's wonderful! WOOHOO! MORE than wonderful clearing! My heart is more open! What an expansion!


I love the way you teach! You really are LOVE! I have so loved every bit of my journey, and all your courses, and the channelings always provide EXACTLY what every student needs!


And now this Mother Wound Multigenerational Healing was among the best of MANY amazing experiences, so I just can't thank you enough. - Janet Staackmann, Illinois

Ancestral Omni Generational Karmic Healing is your liberation

P.S. You’ve been suffering for years, decades and lifetimes with the emotional and spiritual wounds from your ancestral lineage, including your Mother Wound, Father Wound, and from fear-based karmic patterns. 


  • Slavery – The chains of pain need to end now!
  • Prostitution and being denigrated for being female
  • Burned at the stake - Do you remember the witchhunts?
  • Spanish Inquisition – Being killed & tortured for being spiritual or speaking your truth 
  • Egypt ~ Rome ~ Greece
  • Famine and financial struggles


All of these patterns have left energy traces.


And until you fully heal them and are liberated from them at the ORIGINAL CAUSE, any other healing is just a Band-Aid. 


You may have even seen that your children are impacted by their grandparents’ beliefs, habits and fears.


Or you may feel that this has been holding you back from fulfilling your Earth Mission and enjoying the life of love & success you really deserve.


Your moment of choice, your moment of change is now.


Because true liberation of your soul is not only possible, it’s your birthright.


And when you step through this gateway, you are blessing all generations before you and all generations after you. 

Receive the deepest healing now and I look forward to serving as Sacred Midwife to Your Soul’s Rebirth!


With so much love, Sage