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Experience the Joy of Emotional & Soul Freedom from Your Ancestral and Familial Painful Patterns Across ALL Generations and Lineages
to Heal Your Mother Wound

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When you see the phrase “Mother Wound,” does this strike a chord within you? 



“The Mother Wound consists of all emotional, mental and spiritual pain caused by unresolved issues with your mother or mother figure, and/or by your own losses regarding you as a mother and your disconnection from The Divine Mother.” – Sage Taylor Kingsley



What are some common factors & causes of the Mother Wound?

  • Not fully wanted, or you were born as the less desired gender
  • Negative experiences, thoughts and emotions your mother had while you were in utero
  • Birth trauma
  • Mother was narcissistic, emotionally unavailable, abusive, workaholic, overly controlling, overly permissive, shaming, judgmental
  • Mother favored your sibling(s)
  • You were adopted, fostered or orphaned and didn’t know your mother in childhood at all, or very little.
  • You wish you could have become a mother but never did.
  • You had miscarriage, abortion or difficulty conceiving.
  • You lost one or more children to estrangement, drugs, mental illness or death.
  • You always felt (and may still feel) like your mother & family don’t get you. Like you don’t belong. You feel unloved, not seen or heard and certainly not treasured or celebrated for being yourself.


Here’s what you need to know about the Mother Wound,
and why you were guided to this level of healing at this point in your life:


"Your Mother Wounds were the result of a LINEAGE of ancestral and karmic patterns unconsciously passed on to you."


The root cause isn’t even in this lifetime, and when you REALLY heal it at the original cause, you and your children are set free from those chains of pain and years of fears – forever. 


This is why traditional talk therapy isn’t enough.

Reading books, journaling, talking about ALL of this is also not enough.


You have to heal your Mother Wounds at the ORIGINAL CAUSE.



How is your Mother Wound(s) still negatively affecting your life today? 

  • HEALTH: Poor health or chronic health challenges – even though you take good care of yourself and want to feel better. You feel disconnected from your own body or frustrated by limitations.
  • FINANCES: Financial ups and downs. Difficulty saving money or paying down debts, no matter what you do or how hard you work. Income ceilings. Money leaks: it comes in then goes right back out, no matter what your income is. You feel uncomfortable with all the work of managing your money.
  • LOVE & MARRIAGE: Alone/lonely. You’ve been settling for relationships that are less than what you really desire and deserve. You are wondering if you will ever find lasting soulmate love or is this all you’ll ever have? Or you are in a good relationship but there is little sex and actual passion lately.
  • FRIENDS / FAMILY: Imbalanced. You may feel like a loner. You have a pattern of betrayals & disappointments from other women (symptomatic of the Sister Wound, which is related to Mother Wound). You have acquaintances but few CLOSE friends. You have a pattern of overgiving. You feel like you maintain 90% of the relationship and like others are the “limit setters.”
  • LIFE BALANCE/BOUNDARIES: Difficulty saying no. You are a people pleaser, or an empath, energetically drained by the “energy vampires” in your life. Always going and doing, not playing or relaxing enough. Always putting others first.
  • ENERGY & SPIRITUALITY: Inconsistent intuition. You pray and meditate but don’t get clear answers. You feel disconnected from the Divine Feminine and your ability to RECEIVE, be and flow. Overly yang (masculine) in your energy. A sense you are not from this planet. You long to connect more with Mother Earth and may often feel ungrounded.

    As you can see, and have probably been sensing for years, your Mother Wound has impacted EVERYTHING.



You are already aware that your mother’s issues were the result of how SHE was mothered. 


So much of this happened long ago. And maybe you are very psychologically aware and you’ve been “working on” your Mother Wound and healing your relationship with your mother (and possibly your children, always striving to mother better than you yourself were mothered) for decades. 


So why aren't your mother wounds and all these triggers healed already?


What you have done so far has gotten you to this point, but if you are still suffering from any (or many) of the symptoms of Mother Wound, you understand by now that you need to access much deeper healing. 


I have had the honor to facilitate Mother Wound Healing for both women and men, with a 100% success rate thus far.


The approach I take is quite different because unlike everyone else who does Mother Wound Healing, I am not just supporting you at the psychological level but also at the levels of SOUL, ROOT CAUSE (karmic/past life and ancestral lineage), BELIEFS and YOUR ENERGY.


The Mother Wound ultimately is also about your disconnection from The Divine Mother, from the sacred feminine. 


The great news is that WHEN your Mother Wounds are healed, this will help you give and receive love, manifest abundance, and experience so much more harmony in all your relationships. 


You’ll feel an incredible freedom and aliveness that enhances your health, your wealth, your life balance and your happiness. 


You will feel more connected to the Earth. 


To your own body. 


To the important people in your life.


And your ability to joyfully RECEIVE from the Universe is enhanced and expanded beyond what you can even imagine now. 

Your journey to deeper healing begins today.

There are 3 actions you can take now to step into getting healing for your mother wound:

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I look forward to serving you with healing your mother wound so you can experience emotional and soul freedom for yourself and for all generations to follow you.

Divine Blessings and Healing to You,

Mother Wound Healing


Here’s what it was like for Shira in Israel:


... and for Mayra in California:



"Sage, ever since the Mother Wound Healing, I feel so good! I am vibing so high, even my partner feels it and is much more affectionate! I love these TREMENDOUS leaps into feeling more creative and more spiritually connected.

So much more ENERGY is moving in my body now! It's like a cloud has lifted that I couldn't shake. And now, I can do anything! It's opened me up, from the inside out, and I feel ELATED!

"I feel more self-love and inner joy, and all my relationships - especially with my family - have shifted into so much more harmony, it's just amazing!

“For so many years, I'd been overgiving and putting myself last. Finally I get to 'do me' first and what a difference!

"I can express myself from my heart. I truly feel that all my inner wounds and traumas are gone, and I'm allowing more happiness in every way.

"It's been over half a year since the Mother Wound healings and I STILL feel uplifted, more receptive, abundant and free! Thank you so much, Sage, for helping me on my journey!" - Mayra Andrade, California


SAGE, The Prosperous Goddess

SAGE, The Prosperous Goddess®, is a Divine Alignment Catalyst and Mother Wound Healer who has personally healed not one but TWO intense Mother Wounds, as an adoptee. 


As a Divine Mother Channel, highly clairvoyant aura reader, intuitive life coach and spiritual mentor, Sage is here to serve as your Sacred Midwife to Your Soul’s Rebirth, supporting you with Divine Feminine empowerment, ancestral and karmic healing, conscious living and loving, spiritual awakening, and deep self-love. 

Sage is an international best-selling author and a dynamic speaker, passionate about personal and planetary transformation. She is a shamanic hypnotherapist, Archangel Michael Channel, Reiki and Money Reiki Master Teacher, and Soul Healer specializing in the Mother Wound. 


Voted the world's #1 Law of Attraction teacher, SAGE passionately empowers women, Lightworkers and awakening souls worldwide to experience total soul liberation and joy, connect with the Divine, Prosper, Thrive & SHINE!



Sage, your coaching, your readings, your channelings and abundance audios in A3 are AMAZING. They make me feel really excited, and, well, HAPPY! I am waking up with incredible new ideas for my business, I’m inspired! You and the Angels also helped me manifest and buy my Dream Home, and launch my business so I just can’t say enough about what you and Archangel Michael do. Thank you!!!

Lisa House



Sage's Healing and Teachings are truly a Divine Manifestation and Gift to help us to Align to our True Purpose and enJOY an Abundant, Vibrant Life. The healings she does are pure MAGIC! 

Sage's generosity and abundance energy touch you so deeply that Transformation begins instantly, as you connect to her because it truly transcends time and space. In just one healing session, not only did I gain immediate clarity and confidence, empowering me to successfully move forward with my life purpose and mission (even going back to school at my age!)  but two relationships with family members were instantly healed as well! 


And even though I am thousands of miles away, the power of the healing with Sage, The Divine Mother and Archangel Michael is so great, it is one of the most powerful healing experiences I have ever had. This is the real thing - deeply transforming work and play.... It inspires me & keeps me glowing as the Light brightens up from within...... 

I am more successful in my career, more full of joy, love, peace and abundance. I think of this healing work with Sage as my SPIRITUAL GROWTH HORMONE! Thank you, Sage!

Supriya Roy


Sage’s programs go way beyond anything else out there.  I have never felt so good and alive ever. I feel so strong and have an “I Can Do It!” Attitude about anything and everything. 


If you had seen me just a few months ago, I was in bed almost daily and very depressed. Healing and coaching sessions and Sage’s programs, books and audios have helped me live my best life and I am loving it!


If you have any doubts about Sage and any of her abilities, I am here to tell you…Stop and ignore your doubt because she will show you how love yourself, be happy with yourself and live your Best Life for yourself. Sage teaches from the heart and is truly a gifted intuitive and spiritual teacher. You can’t find a better healer, coach, spiritual counselor or teacher anywhere. Thank you, Sage! I am so blessed to have found you!

Terri Hohman

2020 was a year of great change for our planet, and a year of deep healing for me. I was  drawn to work with Sage in her MotherWound intensive healing journey, as I have a history of trauma and drama around motherhood both up and down my family lines. The journey was a profound one that took me deep into places that 15+ years of healing hadn’t been able to fully touch. Fast forward to last week, where I had the amazing opportunity to audition for the show, The Voice! While I didn’t make it to the next round, it was an incredible experience that I showed up for fully and got many gifts from. As I reflect, it is SO clear to me that my MotherWound healing with Sage last year made a huge impact on how I navigated this opportunity. I didn’t go down old stress spirals, get caught up in perfectionism or proving energy, or get attached to a specific outcome. Because of this, I was able to take great care of myself, communicate my needs to my loved ones, ask for support from my community, and receive the bounty of praise and cheering that surrounded me. Plus, I know I knocked my audition out of the park! I am so grateful to my past self for saying yes to this work, and to Sage for saying yes to sharing her unique gifts and wisdom. May we all find the perfect teachers and guides when we’re ready. 


Make Today Radical,


Starr Sheppard-Decker

Mother Wound
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